It’s gotta be the shoes, money!

Yeah, I complained about the rain.  That’s more of a philosophical thing, really.  It doesn’t bother me to get out in it and get yucky…which is what I did on Saturday.  I put on my Columbia brand stormwear, some thick wool hiking socks, and my insulated- and waterproof Vasque hiking boots.  A little drizzle isn’t going to bother me.  I’ve gardened in all weather except snow, and then only because you can’t really see the ground.  

The drizzle turned to a downpour; the downpour turned to rain in sheets.  The temperature fell to 38 degrees.   Then the hail started.  A light hail turned into a heavy hail, and then the ice pellets: from the size of my pinky nail to the size of a penny.  It hurt my head, it hurt my ears and nose, and stung my legs mercilessly.  My bad for wearing shorts.  I kept waiting for frozen frogs to fall from the sky, or the finger of God to smite the earth.  Okay, so NOW I have gardened in all weather.

Despite the Biblical weather and muck caked up over my boots and all the way up my socks, my feet stayed warm and dry.  Vasque boots.  Gotta get you some.  Why didn’t I just go inside?  I was working on my drainage.

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