Oh yeah…gardening

I really am an expert, in an experiential- and autodidactic sort of way.  I have designed and installed gardens of increasing complexity and beauty at my two previous homes and the front garden where I now live;  I have helped with, designed, or installed gardens for a number of friends, and designed and installed a garden for my father in a difficult shoreline location on Orcas Island, Washington.  It would have been beautiful and tough, too, had he decided to water it for the first couple of dry seasons while it got established…but what’s a few thousand dollars worth of plants and irrigation system plus a hundred or so hours of labor among family?  I have (and have studied) a few dozen books on plants, gardening, and landscaping, including a number of textbooks and technical manuals.  We can go to the nursery and I could give you the latin names of plants if you wanted me to bore you, and then I could draw up a plan on graph paper, make a sketch, or a watercolor rendering.  I also have, for lack of technical terms, “vision” and a “knack.” I considered taking the Master Gardener exam, but wasn’t keen on the volunteering part:  I’d rather show up at your house with my shovel, Mr. Diggy (the best shovel ever, available here: http://www2.fiskars.com/Products/Yard-and-Garden/Digging-Tools/Long-Handle-Digging-Shovel-Steel ) and just get to work.  Don’t think I won’t.  You can trust me.

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3 Responses to Oh yeah…gardening

  1. Heather says:

    Don’t threaten me with a good time! 😉

  2. Calvin says:

    You are my biggest fan! I am going to stop threatening you with a garden bench and actually make one. You’ll see.

  3. Corsie Boo says:

    You need photos, yo! I’ll help you 🙂

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