The politics of plants, part three

When it comes to Good Plants, I am the expert.  Why?  Because it is MY opinion, and MY garden.  From the earth’s molten core all the way up to air traffic right-of-way, that rhomboid quadrilateral of dirt is MINE…and I am the decider. For me, not for you.  You are the decider for you.  For your garden, not mine. 

Sometimes I buy Dwell Magazine.  I like to look at the ads so I know what cool things are out there and where to buy them.  The letters to the editor crack me up though:  Dear Dwell, you ran a feature article and I HATE YOU!  YOU ARE WRONG!  I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS RIGHT AND ALL WHO DISAGREE MUST SUFFER HORRIBLY!  That is pretty much the letters in DWELL, absent the subject matter.  It is also how we run huge swaths of our society:  If you disagree with me on the topic of politics, religion, childrearing, what is ‘green,’ matters of taste, whether bacon should be crispy or flexible, or virtually any other sphere of personal preference, it is my job to hate you and accuse you of some form of fascism,  rather than congenially disagreeing with you.  Except that I am a congenial disagree-er…and a passionate defender of your right to your opinion.

Purchasing carbon offsets and shopping at REI make you feel better about your Hummer?  YOU GO!  Want to plant English Ivy in your yard?  Do it.  Much as you like.  Stuff it in your ears!  If you live nearby, I might even help you rip it out when you get sick of it.  I won’t even say ‘I told you so.’  You and I might disagree; BUT I LOVE THE FACT THAT WE DISAGREE!  IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME! WE CAN THINK OUR OWN THOUGHTS AND EXPRESS THEM BOTH PRIVATELY AND PUBLICLY! 

Just don’t tell me what to plant in MY garden.  I am the expert there.

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