That ain’t right

Every now and then I go to a business park or an office building and I look at the landscaping:   eight of these, 10 of these, six of the same tree, repeat.  Sure, it looks orderly.  But it looks…unnatural.  Makes me uncomfortable.

289 plants. You can't see them, but they're there.

Another beautiful shot of 289 plants. Just gorgeous!

I look at my 289 native plants and I think:  forests don’t grow in an offset grid on five-foot centers.  For the money I paid in ‘planning,’ plants, and labor, it could have been done better.  A hundred plants at twice the size would have had an immediate impact and maybe I’d be mitigated in half the time! The same number of plants arranged in a more natural way would have been good too, particularly if any attention had been paid to the light, water, and exposure needs of the plant.  What if a plan had been drawn up and given to me, with the intention of installing and nurturing it over the next five ye–wait: I’m having an idea.

There was a Mitigation Plan in place when construction began.  The City and the Planner changed it when construction was complete.  There was no bond requirement at the beginning, that was a component added later.  I could raise the plants installed by the Planner as though they were baby birds, and the City and the Planner could change on me.  They seem to have a ‘thing.’  Or I could go off the grid…the five-foot grid, that is.   Oh yeah. I’m a  rebel.  I just got a whole lot sexier, didn’t I?

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