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A lot like Hugh Jackman

“The area beyond the fence is sensitive and needs to be cared for gently.”  The words of the city representative replay in my head as I wander amid the giant rotting stumps on my property.  They are not cedar stumps, … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking forward

I started this blog a few weeks ago, and started making changes to my garden a few weeks before that, in the dark and dead of winter that now, as I write this, seems almost endless.  In January, looking out my … Continue reading

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I call it The Mossmaster 3000

There is a seventh layer to the forest, too; or at least in my opinion, there is:  Moss.  Not the creeping groundcovers like thyme, baby’s tears, or corsican mint–or even the ones called ‘moss,’ the Scotch and the Irish.  Those are … Continue reading

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It’s about community

Plants want to live with their friends.  They want to associate with plants that they like and are like them.  If you happen upon a clearing in a forest, within the ring of trees surrounding the clearing there will be … Continue reading

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That ain’t right

Every now and then I go to a business park or an office building and I look at the landscaping:   eight of these, 10 of these, six of the same tree, repeat.  Sure, it looks orderly.  But it looks…unnatural.  Makes … Continue reading

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Something is stuck in my neck

I received the Construction Mitigation Plan and As-Built a couple days later.  While I wasn’t quite sure what the process of the Mitigation Plan was, I knew that the mitigation plan occurred over a 5 year period starting with the … Continue reading

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Four-legged napalm

Deer are so pretty.  We have three, I am pretty sure the same ones all the time, that frequent the area around our home.  A doe and two fawns.  Once I came into the living room and the doe was … Continue reading

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