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Meditations and musings upon my moss

While moving the moss pads, I couldn’t help but notice that the mass to volume ratio was very high (Smartypants! That means they were real heavy for their size!).  Unlike most plants, which pull moisture from the soil through their … Continue reading

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Oh my god, sphagnum!

The longer Mayvember hangs on, the more opportunity it presents to establish plantings in and around my clearing.  Normally, I would try to conclude all planting but vegetables and flowers by the 15th of May or so, just in time to … Continue reading

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Shopping for plants, tilting at windmills

As I looked out my window in mid-Winter, I was less perturbed by what I saw than what I didn’t see:  structure, form, any color other than brown.  The Northwest woodland is generally a tapestry of green, and I had … Continue reading

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As I lean on Mr. Diggy

  With the lawn all replaced, I set in some Iron Mountain flagstone leading from the awkward, City-mandated ending of the front walk to the driveway and down to the Frankenlawn.  I topped the beds to the edge of the ‘grass’ and … Continue reading

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What is it?

There a lot of local nurseries and garden centers I used to like to frequent, and having ordered plants from a website once, I now receive gardening catalogs from a couple dozen purveyors of mail order plants.  In my city gardens, … Continue reading

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The Tableau del Diablo

My neighbor recently told me about having a lakeside bonfire in the stone-lined pit his grandfather had laid some sixty years before.  They heard tires on the driveway and went to the door to find the sheriff about to knock;  someone … Continue reading

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It’s alive…IT’S ALIVE!

I can’t help but notice in my quest for Native Northwest Plant material that if I CAN find it in a standard nursery, then usually there isn’t very much of it–and it’s often rather expensive.  It has to come from somewhere…but … Continue reading

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It is remarkable how rapidly weedy grasses will spread, given the opportunity and the right growing conditions–which at this point I am going to guess are very wet soil, partial sun, and light overhead protection from the coldest weather.  At least, … Continue reading

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Over to the dark side

Saturday morning we went to the Washington Native Plant Society Sale at the Bellevue Botannical Garden.  I had met some members the previous week at another event: while discussing my difficulty in finding a particular plant and explaining my restrictive … Continue reading

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May I take your order?

I am sipping coffee and watching the deer mosey about the clearing in the early morning light.  I want to know what their favorite food is so that I can plant PLENTY of it; my theory is that if there is … Continue reading

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