Seriously? Seriously.

Way back last fall, Sammi from the City of Sammamish told me, ‘You have a very important segment of the aquifer here, and an enormous responsibility.  A lot of people will be watching you and what you do here, not just us.’  She gave me the ‘look’ as she finished.

There is something ominous, even doubleplusungood,  in the notion that not only is my local municipal government, but also members of my community–perhaps even passers-by–WATCHING me while I busy myself going about lawfully living on my private property.  I don’t and can’t have a fence, but no one should be looking over it anyway. Moreover, it is strange to know that while I have reached a stage in my life in which I am capable of purchasing a piece of land and constructing a home upon it, somebody somewhere is still putting things down on my permanent record. 

Government does not belong in your bedroom, your boardroom, your living room, or your backyard.  If you are not breaking the law or doing harm, the assumption should be just that.  If you do break the law or do harm, there is the point of intervention.  Government should not ‘watch’ you; especially one whose lack of intra-departmental communication plus conflicting policies and statements are ludicrous to the point of comical.  I have, do, and will mock them…even flout them. 

Huggable? Yeah, but kinda scritchy, too.

I have been working diligently for the past three months doing essentially that, plus having a laugh at their expense here.  And while I have metaphorically disposed of the Mitigation Plan, somehow (with the exception of those that drowned or have been eaten), all 289 plants still exist on the property.  I have added plants not on the Plan, sure;  almost 200 so far.   All are Northwest native and only add plant diversity. 

Despite admonitions to fertilize and use other chemicals, I haven’t and I’m not going to;  the torrents of stormwater that run across my property will just wash it right into the wetland.  I have instead built up my planting areas with organic soil mix topped with compost that, when fully planted, will then be allowed to naturalize into the forest moss* and duff.  I have deployed my compost tumbler, I have several piles of small twigs, leaves, and duff mouldering under layers of compost for later use, and my chipper/shredder is in the hopper, so to speak.  Soon I’ll make a worm bin so my daughter and I can start vermiculture-ing.   I may not be following the letter, but I am waaaay inside the intent.

Of course I am doing this because I want my freakin’ $5,000 back, but there is more to it than that.  City policy and practice may be laughable, and I absolutely want you to laugh at them right along with me–I mean, I’m HILARIOUS–when it comes to the gardening I am not kidding around.

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