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Another DIY container garden

Moss is a big deal.  Moss is BLOWING UP.  I am pretty sure that as I type this, there are twenty million people in North America trying to learn about and grow moss (and sadly, fifty million others trying to … Continue reading

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What have I done?

Yesterday, as I ‘deeply considered my mossy glen,’ something unwelcome quietly snuck up on me.   Amid my young plantings forming islands and peninsulas of native plants under the climax trees, here and there among the mosses and selaginellas, an unfamiliar … Continue reading

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What am I doing?

I cannot recall ever planting anything after the first of July, with the exception of radish seeds and vegetable starts for late summer or early fall harvest.  Normally, I have always done my spring planting in February and March and … Continue reading

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However, they are good for making fairies

Several weeks ago my daughter looked over the edge of the patio and said, “Daddy, look! There’s Salmonberry growing RIGHT THERE! I can tell because the leaves make a butterfly!”  The shrublet hugged the patio base; I hadn’t planted it there and had … Continue reading

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Sounds like a personal problem

After pulling the bracken fern and piling it high, I noted over the next couple of weeks that the seven-ish-foot-high pile of fern fronds had slowly deflated to about four feet.  I am sure some of the compression can be … Continue reading

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Frackin’ bracken

Earlier in ‘spring,’ the appearance of a large number of bracken fern was welcome:  they didn’t cost anything, take any work, and they added a fresh, lush, green-ness to the clearing.  The young fiddleheads were almost cute as they unfurled … Continue reading

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