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Memories and old photographs

Years ago I listened to a standup comedian do a bit on how guys will open the fridge, look in, and decide nothing looks good; a few minutes later they will go back and look again, as though something has magically changed … Continue reading

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OK…It’s NOT alive.

Way back in mid-Spring I thought I had found a life hack for the time- and money- drain of purchasing Pacific Northwest Native plants.  I had purchased seed from a reputable purveyor, some seedling trays and soil, and deployed my … Continue reading

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Hoo…hoo…hoo gonna eat your rodent?

People love eagles.  Rightfully so: they are our national bird, a symbol of grace and majesty.  Plus, look at those bald eagles sitting there.  They know they’re cool.  Not everyone loves eagles, though.  Benjamin Franklin was an eagle skeptic.  In … Continue reading

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In the garden, a memorial

Almost ten years ago now, I watched in confusion and horror as the second plane struck the World Trade Center.  My mind could not comprehend the images on my TV.  A little later I happened to be watching again as … Continue reading

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What if I wasn’t around to hear it?

It wasn’t that long ago that I was predicting the future of the deeper forest beyond my clearing: by looking at the trees and guessing their approximate age, I can guess that many of them, the bigleaf maples anyway, are getting … Continue reading

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