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Fall…not quite like the catalog

Yesterday was one of those bucolic autumn days, a bit like a hybrid of an episode of Martha Stewart Living and a J. Crew photo shoot.  Pumpkins were carved and the seeds toasted, leaves were raked, and pie was baking inside … Continue reading

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Replacement, addition, enhancement

My life at home is pretty sweet.  I love my wife, who is a great cook and an incredible mother, and also funnier than %&**.  I do spend some time trying to figure out to properly incentivize my daughter to pick up … Continue reading

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Trouble with the neighbors

I am not a fan of invasive anything.  I have hated English ivy since my dad made me, as a thirteen year-old, spend a summer pulling out our neighbor’s thirty-year patch of the stuff; a filthy, spider-y and yet somehow not … Continue reading

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October, year over year

All photos on the left were taken October 5th, 2010 at the completion of planting for the Mitigation Plan.  All photos on the right were taken last weekend, October 8th, 2011.  Click to enbiggen…

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But what can you do with it?

Moving to a new home can mean adjustments beyond schools, jobs, commuting, what have you.  Sometimes you even have to change how you live.  At our last home, turning the outdoor space into something beautiful and useful caused my wife … Continue reading

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