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Autumn, winding down

The Acer macrophyllum on my property are now bare and the glen is no longer buried shin-deep in leaves the size of Ichiro’s baseball glove.    A pile of shredded leaves roughly the size of a king bed awaits distribution.  My right wrist … Continue reading

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Suckin’ and shreddin’

The first week I owned my leaf-sucker-shredder, my joy was considerable at the thwip thwip thwip sound it made as my massive surplus of Acer macrophyllum leaves leaped into the device.  There can be no question that this tool has saved me days … Continue reading

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What the…buck

Early in the Mitigation Plan ‘process’ I inquired of the Planner if she knew why the clearing was a clearing.  To me this seemed the most basic of all planning considerations:  if you knew why nature had maintained the area … Continue reading

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Two bright spots and a dark cloud

A week ago I set about gathering up my primary natural resource: the almost unbelievable leaf drop from a whole bunch of very appropriately named Bigleaf Maples.  Four hours of scrambling about on my hands and knees netted me a … Continue reading

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