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Not Even the Genius Nostradamus Could Have Foreseen This

Just a couple weeks ago, I was declaiming the virtues of Red Alder, and pointing out  their significant flaw: a well-documented unwillingness to remain upright for long periods of time.  Then came the snow, then came the ice, then came the wind, and … Continue reading

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That’s A Snappy Looking Tree

The edge of my clearing and the dense woods beyond are punctuated with stands of Red Alder, small groves of tall, skinny trees interspersed among the Bigleaf Maples, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock, and occasional Douglas Fir that form the highest plane … Continue reading

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Sing We Now of Post-Holiday Monotony

The Snuggie of 2010 (it’s a blanket you can wear!) metamorphosed into the Forever Lazy of 2011 (it’s a blanket you can wear AND still get up to get more chips!) Hardworking product designers are already devising technological advances in … Continue reading

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