Sing We Now of Post-Holiday Monotony

The Snuggie of 2010 (it’s a blanket you can wear!) metamorphosed into the Forever Lazy

There was hail, there was graupel, and then we awoke the morning of New Year's Eve to a light dusting of snow

of 2011 (it’s a blanket you can wear AND still get up to get more chips!) Hardworking product designers are already devising technological advances in Blanket Wear for next holiday season. The decorations have been put away–by me, and not the elf who put them up.  There is already food and coffee staining my 2012 desk blotter.  That’s right…the Winter Doldrums are here. 

You know the season.  It’s the Demilitarized Zone between New Year’s and spring.  It can manifest as the Children’s Gift Shakedown Birthday Party Season, as parents gladly pay small ransoms to get the kids out from underfoot on the weekend. The time when the melancholy of Autumn gives way to the resignation of Winter.  A time to focus on your resolutions (so far, The Year I Stopped Getting Out of the Way of People Who Are Too Busy Texting to Pay Attention is going superbly.  I’m gonna make this one stick!), and a time not to think about that leftover white wine in the fridge…that for some reason actually sounds pretty good, even though it’s just after breakfast.   

Snow. It's like a Slanket for your moss...which is like a Snuggy for your dirt.

The Winter Doldrums: dreary, boring, lassitudinous, remarkably phlegm-y. 

I’m not really the type to sip herbal tea while leafing through my gardening catalogs, whiling away winter’s dark while dreaming of spring.  The Doldrums are the backbone of the gardening year, because I can so clearly see the backbone of my garden.  The ugly, the needy, the bare and the out-of-place reveal themselves in winter’s heart.  With a tip ‘o’ the trowel to the economy and a healthy assist from my customers who don’t like to pay their bills, it is now also the season of Gardening for Free.  If I can dig it, tidy it, trim it, cut it, move/remove it, or transplant it, it’s on my garden plan for the foreseeable near future.  Perhaps I’ll even extend the boundaries of ‘gardening’ by getting active with some of that project lumber that has been eyeballing me lately.  There are things that I will do, and things that I want to do (and I can’t even talk about some of the things I have done…the Garden Police may be listening, Shhh!). Who knows? Other than “I got a new calendar,”  who can really say what is in store for this year? Perhaps, even, the next phase of blanket-based loungewear will prove to be shorts and a sweatshirt, cementing my fashion-forwardness once and for all.

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6 Responses to Sing We Now of Post-Holiday Monotony

  1. Corene says:

    I think you should make your wife a desk!

  2. rainyleaf says:

    I think the winter doldrums are on the other side of Christmas, but we are too distracted by the holidays to notice. Now each day is longer and the sun shines imperceptibly brighter. Since the weather is warmer, more people are nosing around the nursery this month….we sold roses yesterday! Unusual for January. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a warm spring, cold and wet means trouble in the nursery business. Yes, I agree, your wife should have a desk!

    • calvincaley says:

      For me it’s the post-holiday letdown and the lack of “buildup” to anything…just waiting it out, like running out the clock in a lopsided game. I sincerely hope for more normal weather patterns from now through June; I have made so many friends in the nursery business over the years and watching them suffer last spring was painful. At the same time, I am not the hugest fan of ‘False Spring’ in January either, despite how much I got done in the garden last weekend. The desk is in the works–it is already designed and built in my mind, and all that remains is to buy the lumber.

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