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Be very, very quiet…

Shhh.  My moss is sleeping.  Or dormant.  Or semi-dormant.  I don’t know.  Who could rest with all the racket made by that bracken fern growing?  And the truth is, I really don’t know what my moss is doing.  It has … Continue reading

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Berry delicious

To harvest Red Huckleberry, the local indigenous peoples used to craft combs of cedar, fashioned after the claws of a bear.  The combs were raked through the airy shrubs, and the small red berries would fall into the cedarbark baskets … Continue reading

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I just keep…wagon training

Summer, and the time of year you want to garden, but everything you want to do, you shouldn’t; and everything you can do, you don’t want to.  You might think that a clearing in a forest requires little maintenance.  After … Continue reading

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Confined dining

The only real visible aspect of the original Mitigation Plan is the fence that runs along two sides of our home.  The fence is supposed to keep my family and me, as well as anything else we might have, on … Continue reading

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