Wetting a fly on Orcas Island

My name is Calvin and I live with my wife and daughter in Sammamish, Washington.  I am an entrepreneur by trade, and a gardener, landscaper, and plantsman by hobby.  We own a shy acre and a quarter that is next to a Class One wetland and surrounded by a nature preserve, and my heavily wooded property is just as heavily regulated and restricted.  This is where I am going to create a Pacific Northwest native woodland garden.  I am a writer and technology-ambivalent; a fiscal conservative and a social liberal; a lover of nature, and a property rights advocate.  I live in a moderately conservative area in a very liberal county.  Who I am, where I live, and what I like to do are all just a little bit in conflct, and I am going to write about how it all turns out.

3 Responses to About

  1. Jim Ellis says:

    When do the liverworts and slime molds show up?

    And speaking of showing up, we’re here & you’re not.

  2. Jim Ellis says:

    Sorry about the red wine thing. Sounds serious. I’m now looking at what’s left of my big red cedar in the corner of the back yard. Then I look at the estimate from the tree fallers. Then it’s back to looking at the red cedar. What’s to beome with the corner of the yard when an iconic tree and stump (we are talking 4′ x 5′) are gone? In Spring ’09 I had one of the major trunks removed. I couldn’t worry through another winter whether it would take out the house diagonally. Last winter, a freak windstorm sent the top 20′ of the two remaining corkscrewed trunks flying across a community trail and into a neighbors fence and yard. What’s left of this damaged landmark tree must go and it’s sad. It was here first. Maybe I’ll find too that some Herbie Hancock can help: http://www.seattlesymphony.org/symphony/buy/single/production.aspx?id=11381&src=t

  3. rainyleaf says:

    I’m awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog to see what it’s all about! Thanks for writing, it gives us something to think about and talk about too!

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