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This has been a story, and I have been the hero of it

A decade or so ago, my wife said to me: you should have a blog. Blogging was becoming popular, and ‘new media,’ and its practitioners, were darlings of “old” media; some bloggers had book deals, even movies. I laughed and … Continue reading

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A Theme Emerges

The interior of my home feels like it is covered in a light film of percussively distributed sputum. Is it phlegm-uary already? Most of our Christmas decorations are piled on the dining room table, save for the Christmas tree, left … Continue reading

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I just keep…wagon training

Summer, and the time of year you want to garden, but everything you want to do, you shouldn’t; and everything you can do, you don’t want to.  You might think that a clearing in a forest requires little maintenance.  After … Continue reading

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Not Even the Genius Nostradamus Could Have Foreseen This

Just a couple weeks ago, I was declaiming the virtues of Red Alder, and pointing out  their significant flaw: a well-documented unwillingness to remain upright for long periods of time.  Then came the snow, then came the ice, then came the wind, and … Continue reading

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Memories and old photographs

Years ago I listened to a standup comedian do a bit on how guys will open the fridge, look in, and decide nothing looks good; a few minutes later they will go back and look again, as though something has magically changed … Continue reading

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What am I doing?

I cannot recall ever planting anything after the first of July, with the exception of radish seeds and vegetable starts for late summer or early fall harvest.  Normally, I have always done my spring planting in February and March and … Continue reading

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It will just turn into rain again

Flush with success at having created a drainage problem, solving it by creating another, and solving that too, I am going after another drainage problem to the rear of the house.  The runoff from the gutters empties on the bare … Continue reading

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It’s gotta be the shoes, money!

Yeah, I complained about the rain.  That’s more of a philosophical thing, really.  It doesn’t bother me to get out in it and get yucky…which is what I did on Saturday.  I put on my Columbia brand stormwear, some thick wool … Continue reading

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Come again some other day…like next November

It is raining. Again. You might think, Of course it is, you live in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s famous for rain.  You would be right of course, and I expect the rain.  But in my working life, I am dependent … Continue reading

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