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Forbidden Harvest

About a year ago I took a couple evenings and replaced part of the confinement fence with several large cedar-and-metal troughs I made.  The long-term plan was to have a place where we could grow things not allowed under our property restrictions.  … Continue reading

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What have I done?

Yesterday, as I ‘deeply considered my mossy glen,’ something unwelcome quietly snuck up on me.   Amid my young plantings forming islands and peninsulas of native plants under the climax trees, here and there among the mosses and selaginellas, an unfamiliar … Continue reading

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The politics of plants, part three

When it comes to Good Plants, I am the expert.  Why?  Because it is MY opinion, and MY garden.  From the earth’s molten core all the way up to air traffic right-of-way, that rhomboid quadrilateral of dirt is MINE…and I … Continue reading

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