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Above it all

From about April until the first lifestyle guru plants black pansies into a sugar pie pumpkin, shelter magazines, your local paper, and gardening publications of all kinds will bludgeon you with How to Create an Outdoor Room, and How to Blur … Continue reading

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Forbidden Harvest

About a year ago I took a couple evenings and replaced part of the confinement fence with several large cedar-and-metal troughs I made.  The long-term plan was to have a place where we could grow things not allowed under our property restrictions.  … Continue reading

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Another DIY container garden

Moss is a big deal.  Moss is BLOWING UP.  I am pretty sure that as I type this, there are twenty million people in North America trying to learn about and grow moss (and sadly, fifty million others trying to … Continue reading

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A garden in the air

Earlier in this long season of inclement weather I now am calling “Fawinting,” an amalgamation of all that is bad weatherwise with Fall, Winter, and Spring, I popped out the fence  posts around the patio and replaced them with cedar … Continue reading

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Gettin’ busy

For some reason, people are constantly telling me how busy they are.  My father, for instance, constantly regales me with fascinating yarns about his full and stressful days, which usually involve driving all over creation trying to find things to … Continue reading

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