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The Start of it All

Although we are packing our bindles and preparing to leave the Sensitive Area behind, I still get asked, ‘So…how did all this get started?’  The short answer would have to be, ‘I bought this property, built this house, and looked out the … Continue reading

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Our Stockings are Hung by the Chimney…

Our magic elf has done yeoman service so far this month. The outdoor tree was lighted while we were all out of the house; a tabletop Noble Fir, just for my daughter, appeared one morning after I left for work. … Continue reading

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They ARE big and leafy

That enormous ‘thud’ you heard about three weeks ago was all of my Acer macrophyllum leaves falling to earth all at once.  I don’t believe in the Butterfly Effect, so I feel confident the air displaced by the falling leaves … Continue reading

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It’s the holiday season!

So hoop-de-doo, and hickory dock…Take a look at your arm and check your clock! (Sorry to both Frank Sinatra and Grandmaster Flash.)  Now that my home is filled with magical elves, reindeer, and general sugar-fueled cheer, it’s hard not to … Continue reading

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The other side of the law

The permit to build my home required that there be a split rail fence 5 1/2 feet from the exterior wall on the north and east sides of the home–the ‘confinement fence,’ as I have dubbed it.  While the City was … Continue reading

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Another DIY container garden

Moss is a big deal.  Moss is BLOWING UP.  I am pretty sure that as I type this, there are twenty million people in North America trying to learn about and grow moss (and sadly, fifty million others trying to … Continue reading

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Gettin’ busy

For some reason, people are constantly telling me how busy they are.  My father, for instance, constantly regales me with fascinating yarns about his full and stressful days, which usually involve driving all over creation trying to find things to … Continue reading

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