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I am not gardening, I am reasonable use-ing

Once, while watching a home improvement television show, I heard a contractor remark that he was ‘not creating drainage, but developing water management.’  I like that.  It sounds like a challenging job, similar to Cat Rancher or City Government Intermediary.  I … Continue reading

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It will just turn into rain again

Flush with success at having created a drainage problem, solving it by creating another, and solving that too, I am going after another drainage problem to the rear of the house.  The runoff from the gutters empties on the bare … Continue reading

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Working to make work

In much same manner as people who like movies starring Vin Diesel, or the cast of Jersey Shore, water seeks its own level.  Looking at my house from the street, my property slopes hard to the right…and there’s a big-arse wetland right … Continue reading

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