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The Start of it All

Although we are packing our bindles and preparing to leave the Sensitive Area behind, I still get asked, ‘So…how did all this get started?’  The short answer would have to be, ‘I bought this property, built this house, and looked out the … Continue reading

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The plan is the process, the process is the plan

I can’t draw.  It isn’t that I am not ‘artistic;’ my home is full of paintings, sculpture, and furniture I have made.  More precisely, I can’t draw a plan for my ‘garden.’  And that isn’t to say I couldn’t draw a … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking forward

I started this blog a few weeks ago, and started making changes to my garden a few weeks before that, in the dark and dead of winter that now, as I write this, seems almost endless.  In January, looking out my … Continue reading

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Oh yeah…gardening

I really am an expert, in an experiential- and autodidactic sort of way.  I have designed and installed gardens of increasing complexity and beauty at my two previous homes and the front garden where I now live;  I have helped with, … Continue reading

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