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This has been a story, and I have been the hero of it

A decade or so ago, my wife said to me: you should have a blog. Blogging was becoming popular, and ‘new media,’ and its practitioners, were darlings of “old” media; some bloggers had book deals, even movies. I laughed and … Continue reading

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It is remarkable how rapidly weedy grasses will spread, given the opportunity and the right growing conditions–which at this point I am going to guess are very wet soil, partial sun, and light overhead protection from the coldest weather.  At least, … Continue reading

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Raindrops on roses…er, trillium, etc.

Besides the ongoing transformation of my property from natural clearing-to-scrub-filled-bad-planting-plan-to an attractively planted simulacrum of a natural clearing with moss garden, I have three or four outdoor projects going right now.  I am improving the portion of the Confinement Fence around the patio, the … Continue reading

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I call it The Mossmaster 3000

There is a seventh layer to the forest, too; or at least in my opinion, there is:  Moss.  Not the creeping groundcovers like thyme, baby’s tears, or corsican mint–or even the ones called ‘moss,’ the Scotch and the Irish.  Those are … Continue reading

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It’s all in your head

Yard work.  Those are words that conjure unpleasant images: a chore, a slog.  Anyone who has a yard can do yard work.  Fire up the mower, hack the top off that tree so the missus can see out the window, … Continue reading

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