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green, or ‘Green?’ Part Five

I wish, as my construction project was drawing to a close, someone from the City would have called or come out and said, ‘Well, you’re almost done.  What have you budgeted for landscaping?’ After I replied ‘Nothing,’ they could have … Continue reading

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Frackin’ bracken

Earlier in ‘spring,’ the appearance of a large number of bracken fern was welcome:  they didn’t cost anything, take any work, and they added a fresh, lush, green-ness to the clearing.  The young fiddleheads were almost cute as they unfurled … Continue reading

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The politics of plants, part one

They say there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.  Or maybe it’s no bad kids, just bad parents.  I don’t know.  I had bad parents and I’m alright;  My kid is awesome and mostly I am just guessing.  I do … Continue reading

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