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Sounds like a personal problem

After pulling the bracken fern and piling it high, I noted over the next couple of weeks that the seven-ish-foot-high pile of fern fronds had slowly deflated to about four feet.  I am sure some of the compression can be … Continue reading

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It is remarkable how rapidly weedy grasses will spread, given the opportunity and the right growing conditions–which at this point I am going to guess are very wet soil, partial sun, and light overhead protection from the coldest weather.  At least, … Continue reading

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Obnoxious invasives

I asked the city representatives a few more questions, trying to gain some clarity in what seemed, at best, a deliberately vague situation.  They turned to go and Sammi turned back: “There are a number of noxious invasive weeds in the … Continue reading

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The politics of plants, part one

They say there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.  Or maybe it’s no bad kids, just bad parents.  I don’t know.  I had bad parents and I’m alright;  My kid is awesome and mostly I am just guessing.  I do … Continue reading

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