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This is NOT the Charlie Browniest Tree

A dozen or so years ago, when we were newly married, my wife and I bought a spectacular Christmas tree from a tony local nursery. Wildly expensive, even for the time, I trimmed its twelve-foot height to fit our ten-foot … Continue reading

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The Moss Garden at Midsummer

If someone had said to me in the fall of 2010, “These next two winters are going to be miserably cold, wet, and long.  You should totally get out there and garden like crazy almost every day!’  I’d have been … Continue reading

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green, or ‘Green?’ Part Three

It would have been easy, upon the death of the plants in the Mitigation Plan, for me to have said ‘&*%$# THIS!’ and gone on to just do whatever I want.  After all, once my $5,000 Survival Bond was encumbered and locked … Continue reading

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