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The Start of it All

Although we are packing our bindles and preparing to leave the Sensitive Area behind, I still get asked, ‘So…how did all this get started?’  The short answer would have to be, ‘I bought this property, built this house, and looked out the … Continue reading

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Lessons Were Learned, and…HEY! Wait a minute!

My little quadrant of this sphere is slowly tilting back toward the sun, and there is now enough demi-daylight (and if my wife is reading this: I went to high school with Demi Daylight!) when I get home from work … Continue reading

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A Theme Emerges

The interior of my home feels like it is covered in a light film of percussively distributed sputum. Is it phlegm-uary already? Most of our Christmas decorations are piled on the dining room table, save for the Christmas tree, left … Continue reading

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This is NOT the Charlie Browniest Tree

A dozen or so years ago, when we were newly married, my wife and I bought a spectacular Christmas tree from a tony local nursery. Wildly expensive, even for the time, I trimmed its twelve-foot height to fit our ten-foot … Continue reading

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They ARE big and leafy

That enormous ‘thud’ you heard about three weeks ago was all of my Acer macrophyllum leaves falling to earth all at once.  I don’t believe in the Butterfly Effect, so I feel confident the air displaced by the falling leaves … Continue reading

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The Moss Garden at Midsummer

If someone had said to me in the fall of 2010, “These next two winters are going to be miserably cold, wet, and long.  You should totally get out there and garden like crazy almost every day!’  I’d have been … Continue reading

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Confined dining

The only real visible aspect of the original Mitigation Plan is the fence that runs along two sides of our home.  The fence is supposed to keep my family and me, as well as anything else we might have, on … Continue reading

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The politics of plants, part three

When it comes to Good Plants, I am the expert.  Why?  Because it is MY opinion, and MY garden.  From the earth’s molten core all the way up to air traffic right-of-way, that rhomboid quadrilateral of dirt is MINE…and I … Continue reading

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The politics of plants, part two

Who decides plants are good?  Most often, it is the nursery trade and its consumers.  A plant is commercialized or newly hybridized, introduced, the public buys it, it is a Good Plant.  However, as anyone who has ever planted houttuynia … Continue reading

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