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Didn’t see that one coming

One late-August Saturday I went out to the patio with my morning coffee, as is my wont.  While admiring the splashes of sunlight on my mosses I noticed that the mountain beavers, inactive for a month and a half or so, were … Continue reading

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Sing We Now of Post-Holiday Monotony

The Snuggie of 2010 (it’s a blanket you can wear!) metamorphosed into the Forever Lazy of 2011 (it’s a blanket you can wear AND still get up to get more chips!) Hardworking product designers are already devising technological advances in … Continue reading

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All Things, All at Once

I developed my city garden for several years before I realized how far I had put my cart in front of my horse.  With my neighbor’s help, I had removed the dead and diseased trees that covered the yard and hid the soil … Continue reading

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The other side of the law

The permit to build my home required that there be a split rail fence 5 1/2 feet from the exterior wall on the north and east sides of the home–the ‘confinement fence,’ as I have dubbed it.  While the City was … Continue reading

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