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Change of Mind, Change of Heart (part one)

When our home was for sale last fall, one evening we found a note taped to our door: “I have questions about your house,” with a name and phone number. Thinking it a potential sale, I called her the next … Continue reading

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But what can you do with it?

Moving to a new home can mean adjustments beyond schools, jobs, commuting, what have you.  Sometimes you even have to change how you live.  At our last home, turning the outdoor space into something beautiful and useful caused my wife … Continue reading

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I am not gardening, I am reasonable use-ing

Once, while watching a home improvement television show, I heard a contractor remark that he was ‘not creating drainage, but developing water management.’  I like that.  It sounds like a challenging job, similar to Cat Rancher or City Government Intermediary.  I … Continue reading

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Let’s be reasonable

It’s late September and I am on my way home.  “The people from the city are coming,”  Ken, our builder, told me on the phone.  “I think you should be there.”  Something about needing more plants in the construction mitigation plan before … Continue reading

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