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Seriously? Seriously.

Way back last fall, Sammi from the City of Sammamish told me, ‘You have a very important segment of the aquifer here, and an enormous responsibility.  A lot of people will be watching you and what you do here, not just us.’  … Continue reading

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You two might have a lot in common

Beyond being ‘architecturally unsympathetic,’ and corralling my family near to or in the house, it is not just us who find the fence confining and inconvenient.  Down the east side of the home, on the ‘free and full use’ side of … Continue reading

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Land, lots of land, with the starry skies above

The City directed that the building project have a ‘split rail fence…five and one half feet from the building envelope on the North and East sides, meeting at the intersection of the two fence lines.’  This fence is designed to … Continue reading

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Something is stuck in my neck

I received the Construction Mitigation Plan and As-Built a couple days later.  While I wasn’t quite sure what the process of the Mitigation Plan was, I knew that the mitigation plan occurred over a 5 year period starting with the … Continue reading

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Who’s the boss?

I am on the phone with Clipboard Lady the next day.  “I hope you realize that many of those plants are poorly sited.  You have shade lovers in the sun and full sun plants in the shade.  If very many of those … Continue reading

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