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A Requiem for Mr. Diggy

Way back when I bought my Practice Home, twenty years ago, I went to my local highfalutin’ nurseries and asked the experts: what are some plants that can tolerate full sun, full shade, lots of water, but also drought conditions? … Continue reading

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It’s the holiday season!

So hoop-de-doo, and hickory dock…Take a look at your arm and check your clock! (Sorry to both Frank Sinatra and Grandmaster Flash.)  Now that my home is filled with magical elves, reindeer, and general sugar-fueled cheer, it’s hard not to … Continue reading

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It is remarkable how rapidly weedy grasses will spread, given the opportunity and the right growing conditions–which at this point I am going to guess are very wet soil, partial sun, and light overhead protection from the coldest weather.  At least, … Continue reading

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Raindrops on roses…er, trillium, etc.

Besides the ongoing transformation of my property from natural clearing-to-scrub-filled-bad-planting-plan-to an attractively planted simulacrum of a natural clearing with moss garden, I have three or four outdoor projects going right now.  I am improving the portion of the Confinement Fence around the patio, the … Continue reading

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Oh yeah…gardening

I really am an expert, in an experiential- and autodidactic sort of way.  I have designed and installed gardens of increasing complexity and beauty at my two previous homes and the front garden where I now live;  I have helped with, … Continue reading

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It’s gotta be the shoes, money!

Yeah, I complained about the rain.  That’s more of a philosophical thing, really.  It doesn’t bother me to get out in it and get yucky…which is what I did on Saturday.  I put on my Columbia brand stormwear, some thick wool … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I am a gardener…but I am not genteel.  I have a floppy hat, but it looks more like a military jungle hat.  When I garden, I have my Hori Hori, pruning saw, and Felcos hanging from a web belt, a knife in my pocket, and … Continue reading

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