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Farewell, sad green unicorn

I am back from a week’s vacation with my family.  While the weather was relatively pleasant in the San Juan Islands just north of here, apparently the seasonless gloom of the Sammamish plateau continued in my absence.  I found that the volunteer bracken … Continue reading

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Shopping for plants, tilting at windmills

As I looked out my window in mid-Winter, I was less perturbed by what I saw than what I didn’t see:  structure, form, any color other than brown.  The Northwest woodland is generally a tapestry of green, and I had … Continue reading

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Come again some other day…like next November

It is raining. Again. You might think, Of course it is, you live in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s famous for rain.  You would be right of course, and I expect the rain.  But in my working life, I am dependent … Continue reading

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