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What am I doing?

I cannot recall ever planting anything after the first of July, with the exception of radish seeds and vegetable starts for late summer or early fall harvest.  Normally, I have always done my spring planting in February and March and … Continue reading

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Sounds like a personal problem

After pulling the bracken fern and piling it high, I noted over the next couple of weeks that the seven-ish-foot-high pile of fern fronds had slowly deflated to about four feet.  I am sure some of the compression can be … Continue reading

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Raindrops on roses…er, trillium, etc.

Besides the ongoing transformation of my property from natural clearing-to-scrub-filled-bad-planting-plan-to an attractively planted simulacrum of a natural clearing with moss garden, I have three or four outdoor projects going right now.  I am improving the portion of the Confinement Fence around the patio, the … Continue reading

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It’s gotta be the shoes, money!

Yeah, I complained about the rain.  That’s more of a philosophical thing, really.  It doesn’t bother me to get out in it and get yucky…which is what I did on Saturday.  I put on my Columbia brand stormwear, some thick wool … Continue reading

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Come again some other day…like next November

It is raining. Again. You might think, Of course it is, you live in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s famous for rain.  You would be right of course, and I expect the rain.  But in my working life, I am dependent … Continue reading

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