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This has been a story, and I have been the hero of it

A decade or so ago, my wife said to me: you should have a blog. Blogging was becoming popular, and ‘new media,’ and its practitioners, were darlings of “old” media; some bloggers had book deals, even movies. I laughed and … Continue reading

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Ghost of the ancient forest

Looking out my window Saturday morning, a sudden movement caught my eye.  A short brown tail, rimmed in black and set off by bright pale ‘bloomers’, protruded from the underbrush out near the street.  Expecting a deer, I was startled as … Continue reading

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It’s the holiday season!

So hoop-de-doo, and hickory dock…Take a look at your arm and check your clock! (Sorry to both Frank Sinatra and Grandmaster Flash.)  Now that my home is filled with magical elves, reindeer, and general sugar-fueled cheer, it’s hard not to … Continue reading

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What the…buck

Early in the Mitigation Plan ‘process’ I inquired of the Planner if she knew why the clearing was a clearing.  To me this seemed the most basic of all planning considerations:  if you knew why nature had maintained the area … Continue reading

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